Ostrich Leather Card Holder, Handmade in Finland

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This leather cardholder is handmade from premium quality, genuine Ostrich Legs leather with calf lining, handstitched with a waxed linen thread, which is extremely durable and very stylish, too.

The leather of the ostrich leg is particularly strong as well as distinctive for its pattern of bumps or vacant quill follicles, ranged across a smooth field in varying densities.

Feels very nice in your hands, attractive and distinctive look which makes it easy to notice, the black matt colour makes it matching with almost any clothing you put on, very comfortable when you travel as you only need to carry few cards therefore it does not occupy your pockets as would a standard wallet do. It is also useful in your daily life when going shopping.

This leather has a great feel in the hand. Leather is still strong and non-stretchy.

Unique and not mass-produced and due to variations in the natural leather, you can expect it to last for a long time.

A natural leather product may eventually dry out, especially when exposed to water or sweat. It is recommended to apply a leather conditioner/leather balm to keep your leather protected and in best condition.

Just remember to AVOID EXPOSING your leather items to water!


Designed for 5 cards but it's possible to fit in more and insert cash in the middle slot.

8,3 cm H x 10,5 cm L x 0,7 cm D
Slight variations in colour are possible due to difference in monitor settings and natural leather hide variations. This is absolutely high quality hand made leather product.

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